Change of Plans

Hey everyone. I’ve been bad, again… I know. Sorry. There’s been a change of plans in the Emmy household. Turns out, after careful consideration, my family and I have decided to move back to hot and sunny Arizona. My old job there is offering me a great new promotion and I decided to take it. Plus, this way, little Ellie will be near one of her grandmas to get the proper spoiling that Mommies sometimes can’t do as well. 🙂 What does this mean for the Trendy Emmy Blog? Well, not as many entries. I will post when I have made something amazing or have found a super cool tutorial that I think the whole world should know about.

Sorry to change the plan. I was going to post daily but I just know this is the better option for my family right now. I hope you all understand! Again, I still plan to post, it just won’t be daily.

Hope you all are having a great start to your summer! Wear your sunblock. 😉


Women’s Blouse to Baby Onesie Embellishment

So, my mom had sent me a lacy blouse she found but it was a bit outdated. I loved the lace, but aside from that, I didn’t know what I could really do with it so it was hanging out in my refashion pile for a little bit until the other day when I noticed one of Ellie’s plain white onesies was badly stained. I didn’t want to throw it out so that’s when I decided I would try to cover up the stain with some fabric with a little embellishment. Check it out!

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DIY Grocery Bag Dispenser

Hello all! I finally have the time to post one of my own creations. Yay! I did this this past weekend. I needed something nicer than a plastic bag to hold my plastic bags, and I remembered that my Mother and Grandma always had one of these grocery bag dispensers. I decided I would make mine a bit more modern. Wanna see how I did it? Come on!

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